Can storeskin be used on every subsurface?

storeskin is optimized for an even, flat, solid, horizontal subsurface.

What type of infrastructure is necessary for a storeskin installation?

All you need is electric power supply. An internet connection is recommended, but not necessary.

Which shelf sizes can be fitted with storeskin?

storeskin can be customized to any size and shape required.


Can I use storeskin to detect the weight of an object?

storeskin reads out goods movements, stock and position. It is very sensitive to fluctuation of load. An exact weight cannot be measured, because a divergence up to 35% is possible, depending on the form of the load.

Do the shelves need to be wired individually?

Yes, the shelves need to be connected with a bus cable.

How long is the storeskin operating life?

storeskin meets the requirements of an average shelf life cycle.

Is the storeskin sensor resistant to mechanical and chemical damage?

The storeskin sensor is resistant to mechanical abrasion, chemical influences (e.g. detergents), load and ultraviolet light. But it can be damaged by a sharp Peak.

What kind of goods are recommended for use with a storeskin shelf?

A storeskin shelf works with individually packaged goods and with bulk goods. With bulk goods, storeskin can detect the container’s fill level. With individually packaged goods, storeskin detects goods movements and stock. Inaccuracies are possible when using storeskin for very light-weight products. Just send us your requirements to, we will work out a solution for you.

What type of software is delivered with storeskin?

storeskin is equipped with all the necessary software. Follow this link to get your first experience – we will work out a customized solution for your requirements. Software solutions are available from different suppliers. If you would like to offer your software solution, we would like to welcome you to join our storeskin network, simply e-mail us.

Will storeskin work for stacked goods?

Yes, since storeskin measures load, it will also work with products which are stored on top of one another.


How do I get my first storeskin experience?

To get your first storeskin experience, just get in contact with us and tell us about your individual specifications.

I have other questions. Who can I turn to?

Please send your request to if you have further questions. We will be happy to answer them in a phone call, via e-mail or at a personal Meeting.