storeskin is available in a fully functional version for testing, pilot projects and early applications – just for a First Experience. For those who are familiar with the classification Technology Readiness Level (TRL): storeskin is currently Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7, system prototype demonstration in operational environment.

storeskin First Experience

Lead User

Our offer “First Experience” is addressed to lead users. Lead users are users with needs which run ahead of the needs of the mass market. Lead users are positioned to benefit significantly by obtaining a solution to their needs. Due to the intensive study of the subject matter, lead users generate subject-specific skills and knowledge and have in many cases a certain expert status as well as market and solution competencies.

International lead users are already using storeskin shelf monitoring for data collection at the POS or for loss prevention.

Are you a lead user and do you want to test storeskin for your application? If these three statements are true for you, then you should get in touch with us:

  • You already have a specific use case for storeskin and you want to check the feasibility and to validate the benefits.
  • You understand that the storeskin sensor system is specifically arranged for your application and you want – in dialogue with us – investigate the storeskin sensor system and also develop it further.
  • You have an appropriate budget for the preparation of the use cases, the purchase of a storeskin sensor system and the subsequent investigations.

Request First Experience

Please send us your request to obtain an individual concept and offer for a storeskin First Experience project. Simply fill out the online form below on this page.

Please define clearly the information that you want to get from the storeskin shelf monitoring.

  • For example: When the inventory falls below an adjustable minimum level, an alert should be sent to an email address.
  • Or: All product movements (adds and outs) per product should be collected in a period of 3 months and provided for further evaluations.

Please define exactly those products that you want to monitor with the storeskin sensor system. Maybe we will ask you to send us samples of those products that you want to monitor.

  • For example: cans of 500 ml and a diameter of 80mm.
  • Or: bulk container with screws for individual removal.

After internal review, we will then elaborate a concept and an offer for your “First Experience” project that is tailored to your products and to your needs.

After your order we will assemble your First Experience storeskin sensor system, present it to you in person and show you how you can achieve the desired benefits. The First Experience storeskin sensor system will be delivered to you and you can perform your investigations with it.

Make the first step to your first experience with storeskin right now!

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Which information do you want to get from the storeskin sensor system?

Which products do you want to monitor with the storeskin sensor system?