Sensor Mat

storeskin sensor mat

The heart of the storeskin sensor system is the storeskin sensor which detects and measures the change of loads on horizontal, flat and solid surfaces position accurately. This unique sensor can easily and reliably monitor freestanding, stacked and bulked products on shelf space.

The storeskin sensor is a few millimeters thick, robust sensor mat that is placed on the shelf space. It is produced custom-tailored and can be customized in size, color and surface to your requirements.

Sensor System

The storeskin sensor system provides basic detection functions for product movements and product stocks on the shelf space. It recognizes the position and number of products as well as the filling level of bulk goods or liquids.

The data about the load changes measured by the sensors are pre-processed locally in order to trigger the local features like digital signage and loss prevention. Data on product movements and product stocks are transferred over to the storeskin cloud service and can be evaluated there.


storeskin power supply



The storeskin user interface is used to configure the system and for data analysis. It is easily operated through a standard web browser. Each shelf can be organized in facings with different widths. The products are assigned to their respective space on the shelf and the mode of monitoring is defined:

  • Detect and count adds and outs
  • Detect the filling level of bulk goods or liquids
  • Detect when a product falls below a minimum stock level

In addition, the local features such as digital signage and loss prevention can be configured and evaluated via the user interface.