Avoiding “Out of Shelf”

Shelf Monitoring: Avoiding "Out of Shelf"Permanent availability of goods on the shelves is an important factor for customer satisfaction. storeskin shelf monitoring provides exactly that valuable real-time information required for the rapid detection of impending stockouts (out-of-shelf situations).

When a product on the shelf falls below a defined minimum stock level, storeskin sends out a warning via text message or email to a defined person or group. So stockouts are prevented and the shelf support can be optimized. This automation reduces the costs of shelf maintenance and it shortens the reaction times.

Space Management

The storeskin shelf monitoring saves all data about products movements and product stocks on a shelf in a database. Over the intuitive online user interface, you can evaluate this data easily. The individual statistics and evaluations are prepared clearly and simply.

Shelf Monitoring: Space ManagementBy these statistics, which are based on accurate data collection directly on the shelf, it is now possible to evaluate the value of secondary placements or of placements in the “green zone” and to set the associated costs in relation to the actual benefits. Thus, storeskin is an indispensable tool for modern space management.

Loss Prevention

Shelf Monitoring: Loss PreventionThe storeskin shelf monitoring provides products-accurate information on product movements on a shelf.

Investigations have shown that thefts in a large scale often show a specific removal pattern on the shelf. storeskin recognizes this removal pattern and thereby helps to prevent theft and to reduce the financial loss associated with it.

With storeskin you no longer need to lock away valuable products or to secure them by other mechanical measures, which affects the shopping experience of customers. High-quality products can be presented free standing on the shelf for a perfect shopping atmosphere.

Supply Chain Management

Wherever your products are on shelves for removal, storeskin acts as automated standing order for replenishments. Once a product on the shelf falls below a defined minimum stock level, you receive an order via email or directly into your ERP System.

With storeskin shelf monitoring you get a real-time overview of the movements and stocks of your products. Thus you get the opportunity to ensure the supply of your customers with your products at any time. So you do not miss sales and save costs in data collection by on-site personnel.

Digital Signage

Use storeskin for product-accurate triggering of digital signage events at the shelf.

Shelf Monitoring: Digital SignageIf a customer takes a product off the shelf, the storeskin shelf monitoring triggers a digital signage event. This may for example be a corresponding advertisement on a screen next to the shelf.

storeskin provides the trigger for the right product at the very right moment: exactly when the customer shows interest in the product. So the customer gets relevant information on the product removed and he is encouraged to further interaction.